USDP holds protest against Children’s Rights Bill

The Union Solidarity and Development Party organised a protest in Mandalay on Saturday to oppose the Children’s Rights Bill.

During the event, the party gave a talk on how the bill, which is set to be enacted, goes against the Citizenship Law of 1982.

Section 73 of the Citizenship Law states that a foreigner who is adopted by a citizen or by an associate citizen or by a naturalised citizen shall not acquire citizenship or associate citizenship or naturalised citizenship, while sections 21 (a), 26, 33 (b) and 115 of the Children’s Rights Bill contradict this, the USDP said.

“The 1982 Citizenship Law was also discussed in the Kofi Annan report on Rakhine State. Everyone knows which group of people is going to benefit from the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which encourages the promotion of some of the provisions of the Children’s Rights Bill,” said USDP member U Aung Naing Oo.

“A nationality cannot disappear by being swallowed by the earth, but by the predominance of other groups of people,” said U Thein Tun Oo, a member of the party in Amarapura township.

The party had applied for permission to hold the event at Manaw Raman Square, but the authorities refused to grant the permission, so it was held at the USDP office in Pyigyitagun, Mandalay.

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