Myanmar Font Styles For SAMSUNG

Samsung phone for holding the height of the latest version of the phone

Best use a small font and lift.

Previously iFont HiFont Phone version 5.0 or higher can not font appointments.

The analyzes appointments to speak.

Powered only 6MB contains 39 fonts.

All letters and colonize the solar system.

You can use any font;)



Click to select the fonts you want to use.

(I Tagu font for example, compared with in the first place.

Friend Mic Tagu other font you want to use, simple to see. )

Click the Install button Tagu (zFont) above.

Once you’re done, click the Done button and click Change Font button.

And then continue into the Font absentee Tagu (zFont) Find the font.

2 clients.

If you see one phone to Restart (restart) your desktop.

Open Font ပြောင်းတဲ့နေရာ artificially Tagu (zFont) Find the font.

Choose the first one on the Done button.

Got anything sooner.

Cancel Delete laugh laughter same simple Cancel button.

After selecting a lower click Done.

You will see how convenient;)


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