(2) sexual abuse of women and been open Actor Kang Ji Hwan By Rankistcxit 

The 42-year-old actor Kang Ji Hwan last July 9 at Gwangju press release from the police station, according to colleagues had been physically assaulted two women. Actor Kang Ji Hwan is a single potent and well-known television actor. Kang Ji Hwan was how the two women abuse treatment if its love.

A and B, on 9 July, two female actor Kang Ji Hwan and drinks with alcohol. A rape and B’s body touched. Two of the A and B at the time of one of Seoul has sent the following message a friend.

“We Kang Ji Hwan’s own trap is now gone for a drink at home,” the letter was sent. The message was reported to the police station and the present, Kang Ji Hwan, police detained at hand.

Kang Ji Hwan police station except others no longer recognize it. The case actually assaulting plot would continue to be monitored.

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