Be abandoned in the woods, Burmese, Thai police rescued To survive, had to share food

Thailand Ranong Province in Malaysia, which would send the 44 Myanmar Thai anti-trafficking police had rescued New Thai media.

Ranong Province Sam Lang Township, Bitter group, Hill a group of suspects in the woods because he arrived Ranong provincial anti-trafficking police and members of the rescue of maternal child care to check on July 24.

Illegal access to Burmese ethnicities, particularly in the wilderness, they found broker contacts, work and go to Malaysia About a week ago, and at first broker since sending food once a day, but only once in 2 days to live, and later said she had to share.

Forsaken leadership, including 39 national, 5, consists of a total of 44 women, including young children under the age of 18 there are 9 people, said a police reporter.

They state, Tanintharyi Division They became divisional and divisional officials visit Ranong police detained all those who are involved in the trafficking police is looking for further investigation.

In Thailand, the elimination of trafficking consistently involved in human trafficking suppression at 6 months he has been arrested more than 200 trafficking victims had saved nearly 2,000 Thai National Police Chief boiling chat lottery Coward said.

Thailand has strict responsibility for trafficking because brokers are the people in the mountains to avoid arrest The old building, Simply because the former warehouse that these areas were instructed to monitor police chief said.


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