Your 7-year ruble would help Japan clicking Gates exercise (7)

The face became attached to the skin is reduced, because the weak muscles not only the face of reduced nitrogen and stretch. Elderly proportions, because, in the face of an honest face. As a result, it became loose and attached to chin reduction. Karachi Xi made to solve this problem, the Japanese called ပါတယ He said the skull bones. How to return to normal position. This system is called the ruble Gates.

BrightSide tap the knowledge of how to go about once correctly. What I’d like to share how interesting bonus at the end of the crowd. important Note

The years of muscle and fat, while we have young again. Embedding grow areas.

Before taking the mirror you can click on. He once you whether your campaign correctly to avoid extra work that I helped. I wondered if your skin is clean.

Having your ENT diseases face of bitter bone system disorders and skin diseases and wounds to prevent if. Is rubbed all over your face. But not very face of pressing the ruble. Gates weight.

1. Upload

Please put your elbow on the table. Fist. Keep fingers away from the wall. Your muscles are shown to save 5 seconds.

2. clicking the forehead

Your head should be slightly bent. Fist. Middle finger forehead pressed along the hair line. The hair is pressed up along the line. Then near the collarbone and neck until eventually pressed.

3. smoothes

Plug it into a two-level putting your hand thumb straight. I need to do this exercise. Your right thumb under the left eye, nose, ear pressed to touch the skin. Once, it is up to her ears. Drag inches along the neck line. Clavicle to the last portion of the exercise. 2 times to the right in the face. It.

4. forehead smoothes

Fist. Your finger slowly on the hair from the eyebrows, rubbed along the line. Now, in the first place if they move slowly moved up. This way, the entire forehead smooth.

5. Open eyes.

Fist forehead to draw your hand across the forehead. Use the index finger and middle finger.

6. By clicking the lower face.

Fist with the index finger and middle finger straight with two hand movements. This junior.
The skin from your chin. Phil pulled from the bottom of the mouth. Phil spread and draw distance. Total 7 8.

7. Double Ending

Just spread your hands, your fingers, forehead pressed to walk through them. Smoothly.
After pulling up to your collarbone hands slowly to get the best results up to the neck.. As far as တပတ်တခါ less pressing.


The good news is that this is a major success, there are other benefits cope clicking.: He tired and helps reduce eye face brighter.; The skin is stretched less less brown with a smooth skin and the whole face of  To be more beautiful and more accurate.;

It’s better to increase blood circulation to skin ..


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