Gym beautiful hips without any kind of exercise (9)

I want her healthy and beautiful, but on a regular basis in order to go to the gym after work is not simple. Can all easy to give up. Training teachers to make a home gym offers support for start-ups. You normally do less and get the same results.
BrightSide your thigh muscles at the gym’s report has chosen to exercise.

1. spider man

Hip and spine strong support for an extra pound of muscle from the abdominal core muscles nomadic contain pounds to train leg muscles.
The original image is on the height of the boards straight in the hands of the right knee. I did not make the right elbow.
Please return the original position. Your knees, head and elbow do not work that way.

2. Jumping stars

I will train your spine major’s legs, slender and strong. Keep your legs in your body from the arm. Bend your knees and try to send the West with the half-sitting on the haunches.
Spread your arms and feet stars make a quick jump. Putting your legs carefully from the original position.

3. to set the leg side

This exercise is pick up the shoulder muscles and helps train the muscles.
As your feet shoulder width a traveler and you put your hands. Weight of sending the right foot. Expand below to your delight. Straighten your right leg bent forward in parallel with the floor.
Your left leg and repeat the same exercise.

Figure Skating

Members of your pick up some extra muscle and will to practice these things. Pull straight right to jump right leg.
The leap once again to the right and left 2 times the speed jump. Change is already slowly dancing.

5. stick, bridge design

This bridge is the extra muscle weight on improving the core muscles strong.
Turn the deck and the knees bent. Keep your feet hip-width away.
Your hips and legs to the side and heel. The state can apply pressure on the line, up to 5 to 10 seconds. Go back to the original position. This process, the main leg muscles and thigh muscles should be pulled.

6. Camel

This addition to the extra chairs and muscles stretched thigh muscle he suffered from. In addition to the chest and shoulders before the training already. Chairs to sit on the floor. Knees bent, your hands  handle whereof chairs. Hardly worth your head at nose stretched out. Breasts to push them. Your hips, pull the abdominal and thigh muscles shown. 1 seconds, two seconds and back to original position and retired.. To get better results Keep your hands on the heel.

7. hips

Even after pounds of muscle training.
Your shoulders should be available near the end of the lower surface of the upper back on a sofa bed bench. Your chest and knees to make a straight line. Drop to your knees and hips bent. Your hips to the original design of your heel to push. For more news just want to be different in order to get your legs.

8. frog design

This exercise is almost the entire leg and picked up a calf in training now.
Helpless in the knees bent. Legs and rubbed the heel and toes. Up to your own neck, knee straight Policy. A hip muscles to squeeze your muscles stretched over a stretch as possible. Then, according to the original position.

9. Abu Yang sat on its haunches,

Sitting on the haunches of a muscle to train members of the glue and beneficial. Most of the weighing process, the Gold Coast on the front of your foot, since there is now standing in front of the bench or sofa chair.. On the surface of the left foot in the West. Bending your knees and feet, sitting on the haunches. Your right foot to push the bottom of the heel to the left and then backward. Such Cool.
Each exercise long and repeat 12 times. Do not separate entities too.

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