Cream to make the sale of children, Dr. lawyer throughout its father, honored


If he does not satisfy their numerous attempts from less Want a more progressive life. So, they try to avoid the rain Avoid hot work and women are ready to be tuning needed. Now an old man in Malaysia, Bread The honey is sold to Dr. Lawyers nurture. Thanks to his children so large on the images of a local artist, the father called Roti Uncle The name Muniandi.

(30 years ago), he is now the city of Penang, a bread seller Daughter Dr. peep lawyers make supply chain has been closed in Muniandi ideal father.

So painting over Andhar A Samah Roti Uncle honor of the city was celebrated street drew some portraits. The painter Andhar Balik Pulau Festival was created in this painting.

Andhar friend about this artist Acit Raman Abdullah was shared in social networks. Acit say Roti Uncle resolved by one of his children,

Dr. A lawyer, Able to make a chemical engineer nurture .Roti Uncle morning (8) selling bread, House (12) hours in the afternoon to eat rice After dressing, Instead of his cattle ranch, cows fed, Wash Once evening said it is selling bread.

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