(24) found reunited after years separated from the case of a mother and daughter

Vietnam’s Nguyen Thi Lien, one-storey house of the family of functions confuse more people than usual. The important person back away to see relatives and neighbors living. Although the weather was very hot and memorable from there in the next day, so no one was not going to be turned out.

The 69-year-old Lien trafficking his daughter, Le Thi Lan in China since it was found in (24) years. Now his daughter will be reunited. “She does not seem to see it. My daughter will be returned to the heart of and I could not sleep. Let’s re-converged to spread the news about my daughter I’d like to thank the media, our families are sincere and that helped, “Peter said with tears.

Lien’s neighbors said Nguyen Thi Thu said she and other neighbors are Le Thi Han, dead, “Lan said, we could not believe it would become home. Everyone is very happy and honored Lan’s family, “he said.

Lan poor family’s eldest child (6) worked to find her family went to work in the state of Nghia Dan to hire workers to feed. This time, (19) There are only two years old. He was working in Thanh Hoa region would be falsely deceive and was in favor of trafficking in China’s Guangxi province. He then aged children (age 65) $ (410) and the oil was sold.

And (13) years of residence in favor of Lan, a son and daughter (3) and has flourished. These days, Lan and her husband was being beaten regularly. He tried all the time to flee, but was unsuccessful. Block had the room dark. The drug was subsequently had impaired memory.

Then oil was sold again. Until now, national and lived in (11) years old. The 43-year-old said he was treated well. (2) years ago, Vietnam was allowed to return to his hometown, was asked by his wife Lan. Her husband accepted it even a little money. Turn, but Lan was able to return home after.

In early July, the emotions Fortunately Lan of China, has been met with a woman living in Vietnam. Lan’s family and thousands of women, but a little hope on Facebook Lan loading video. The video sharing social network users around the world through their compatriots Lan went to see her sister, Dang Thi Thao. Video Lan in Vietnam, although he could not speak well of his parents’ names, Homeland is said to not only remember them because I want to return to her family, has been confided.

“At first I did not recognize him. However, home address, parents, Hear the names of brothers and sisters said, I is not aware of anything, “Lan said. The video had gotten Lan Confirm message with family after family back in Vietnam Lan to inform the police. Thanks to the families of police forces searched Lan. Lan, who sold more than once and was not easy to get in touch. Finally, Chinese authorities cooperation with the police in Vietnam Lan parents before returning to jail.

Lan’s case with the provincial police station to collect information about ongoing investigations will be up for it. Who are being trafficked to China (90) allegedly percent.

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