How easy belly fat

C-fold thickness in the nature of the easiest and cheapest way to tell us about how to be.

(1) or the lemon salt polished water sum.

(2) Add a cup of hot water off the field.

(3) Jean-inch flat pestle or a knife, and press Enter.

(4) a pure natural honey spoon, add a spoonful of soup.

(5) Keep the lid and pouring hot water .

About half an hour after curing can take a spoon and stir. Eaten better if you drink about an hour ago. A glass a day, you can drink two cups.

Timer 6 months breastfeeding mothers should not drink and those who gastroenteritis. Honey honey pure natural honey seasoned oil only from the (old).

Sugar syrup, The sugar cane juice is fat does not. If honey drink of lemon and ginger soaked in hot water in the same field. It will be a very sweet flavor.

Natural medicine because no side effects. When drinking one month significantly reduced fat belly folded scans will see.

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