Worth hundreds of thousands have been discarded by other (now) there is need to be educated

Worth hundreds of thousands have been discarded by other (now) there is need to be educated native homelands. There is a proverb in Myanmar. Yes. If you have a baby in Myanmar to try to bury the earth. The diameter of a foam sponge face smile. Invest in our right minds. So that children born as a fresh face of a good attitude are right. Myanmar on the ground, buried a hundred million would without fail earth  The increase was slightly, born in hospital Hospitals are these, you know where to bury They face huge problems. Myanmar because the starting waste.

Today, Japan’s stem cell storage Bleeding blood supply store can be visited on a large bank. Japan before the mothers’ hair care, Extract blood from the child when born, When the blood through a step-by-step machines serum bag section, Red blood cells, part of the bag, The bag of stem cell part of a blood bag production is divided into several parts.

designed captured maintaining different temperatures in different rooms. cord blood to -195 degrees blood storage bank in less storage than 4,000 packages a day was found.  daily volume of stem cell,  multiple 0-sales revenue worldwide is also surprising.

High red blood bag 32085 yen (Myanmar stringer) 23617 yen (serum, Myanmar, three hundred and thirty thousand) Some bleeding stem cell 191496 yen (government of selling up to 26 million). From the first day offered a forty Myanmar Thein 0 I amazed at the sight. (4,000 bags a day I see hundreds of around 16,000, the calculated annual income.

Enrolled, there are millions of Japan’s sale of stem cell to invest in Myanmar starting to see in vain looking for when spared. In fact, is not expensive. Education is expensive. Myanmar people need to be educated. Here, I have a sense of light and the level of health, No country will improve. The thought in my mind all day, repeatedly suggests, my country I will work only occur angles.

See the world’s sense of a good day, as far as Singapore. (The diameter of the stem cell produced when the airport can pose a known X-ray can not cut in Burma. How to take X-ray at the airport for those in Thailand, one of the interesting how.

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