Do you think university education is optional or not. Do you agree or disagree.

Education is a source of vast knowledge and resources. I believe that higher education is very important for people because it helps in several ways, it helps person to have a good personality, provides knowledge and improve lifestyle.

The primary important point, education plays crucial role in the development of a person’s personality.They they can change their personality for the better.Through out their academic studies they need to mingle with get a lot of personality to model during study so students from various backgrounds like someone is too rich but others were not and also some guys were excellent in studies at the same time there are students who are not doing well. So the mortals are willing to understand and help those students and they become more shared and caring. Higher educational paves the way for brighter future with full of moral values.

The secondary important point is that higher studies help a student to get more knowledge about a particular subject they want to study and also the training under dedicated and qualified teachers will to find their potentials and make them excellent in that particular stream . As a repercussion to this they become outstanding in that field, they could attain their future with flying colours and they become a knowledgeable.

The tertiary important point is that they have opportunity to get higher works in the society. Sometimes universities offer more through campus selections, they are salaries which help them to improve their lifestyle. For instance, a person who is well educated has an option to go to abroad from a rural area to change his current situation and to live in well developed urban areas.

To conclude, university education is a must for ability to mould a person everyone because it has an with good moral qualities, prove vast knowledge and help them to get bright future.


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