What does it say?

Look at the text in the question.
What does it say?

⏯Example: Special one-day drama class this Saturday. Price- £50 pee person. Anyone who attends will be able to book our new six-week course at a discount.

A. The six-week course is cheaper if you also do the one-day class.

B. The one-day class is free for those who book the six-week course.

C. You must pat for the six-week course before you do the one-day class.

Answer- A.


The garage called. Your car is ready for collection. The key will be in their office until 5:30. Otherwise bring your spare key and get the other one another time.

A. Even if the garage is closed Peter can pick up his car.

B. Peter should reach the garage before 5:30 in order to collect his car.

C. Peter cannot get his car until he collects the key.

Which is the correct answer?
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Question from the Cambridge English PET 8.

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