What is grammar?

Grammar is the heart of every language. Without having much knowledge about grammar, how can we master a language? How can we cope with reading, writing, listening and
speaking lessons? That is why we take time to study the grammar of a specific language we want to be proficient in.

I’m from Myanmar, so l don’t have many difficulties in studying my mother tongue. On the other hand, l’m also learning English as a second language. In my opinion, most native speakers will probably find it quite easy to study English in a short time, but a person like me —who is not a native speaker — has to put more effort into learning it. I believe that there are no shortcuts to pfoficiency in English. Step by step, we will have to try to develop our skills,

with the help of grammar.
Some people — not native speakers — hold the silly opinion that grammar doesn’t essentially
play an important role in learning English, which is not acceptable to me. To put it in a nutshell, grammar is the vital key to success in
learning standard English as a second language.

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