Travelling in the Wilds

A light breeze is blowing over the silvery sandy beaches. The trees are gently swaying in the breeze like beautiful girls dancing, the surf making a loud roaring sound when crashing on the shore.Searching out their food, the seagulls are swooping low, untroubled by the waves. The sun is about to set and giving its dim light to the beaches. Within minutes, the whole island will be showered with the faint golden rays of twilight that contribute to the marvellous scene.

The two locals are jogging along the beach, chattering away cheerfully like young kids. Once visiting, you will be really impressed with the romantic sunset scene of the island of Padin. Because of the beauty of a wonderful surprise, you will give it the thumbs up, or astoundingly, you will say in delight, ” Wow!”

Off the west coast of Myanmar is the isolated island, which is bounded on the west and south by the Indian Ocean, and on the east and
north by a wide river. It is only accessible by boat. During the rainy season, many boats seek
shelter in port, due to the changeable weather. Conditions are not ideal for leaving the island.

Still, the trip is as safe as houses in the summer.
There is no resort — no hotel, no casino, no restaurant, no nightlife in the area. All we can enjoy is nothing but simply a great moment of blessed calm. Everything is unspoilt except that the lighthouse is a blot on the landscape.

While strolling along the beach, you may feel
more relaxed and fresher than ever, and disregard your anxiety or pain for quite a while.
Then you can make a perfect start to face infinite challenges of life.

Unfortunatey, the splendid beauty of the island of Padin is a well-kept secret as it is located far away in the distance.

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