“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it”

When the Paris Industrial Promotion Society asked Maria to research the performance of steel magnet, She was very happy because she wanted to continue her studies in Paris. But her laboratory was so small that she agonized over it. Just then, Professor Kobalsky,

a Poilsh physicist, introduced Pierre Curie to her, and they began their researches together. Pierre Curie was a mathematician and physicist. Maria’s enthusiasm led him to fall in love with he. At last Pierre proposed to her and they married.

“Pierre, it seems that uranium contains some substance much more powerful than uranium besides itself.” Maria announced it to the society. The two people’s researches were getting brisker. Pierre borrowed a university warehouse in order to secure s better laboratory. Their hard researches continued for several years even after that. At last they discovered a new element. Pierre and Maria named the element polonium after their country Poland. But their research didn’t cease at this point. One night the Curies went to their laboratory and saw a substance, which was shining bluish. They discovered radium after all.

Their discovery of radium made Pierre and Maria famous, and they received the Nobel Prize in Physics together with their joint researcher Becquerel. After the discovery of radium, a lot of businessmen came to see them. But the Curies declined to apply for a patent and made public how to produce radium. One rainy night, Maria’s husband, Pierre Curie, lost his life in an accident.

As she was in great distress due to her husband’s death, a lot of academic societies provided help to her. Maria’s researches continued even after that. She completed radium as metal and published a book titled “Introduction to Radioactivity.” Her research was acknowledged, and she received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911. When the FIrst World War broke out, Europe fell into confusion.

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