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As of August 15, 2019, the Myanmar government enacted the new consumer protection law which will bring a lot of clarity to previously unclear laws. Giving consumers more rights and making clear what’s expected of business owners. The new label law (where all products have to have labels in Burmese) will come into effect later this year.

Here are the most notable changes to the law:

đź”·Label Requirements

– Trademark
– Generic Name of goods, size, net weight, quantity, storage instructions, and directions for use;
– Manufacturing date, expiration date, and batch number;
– If the goods are imported, name and address of the importer and manufacturer;
– Place of production, and place of repackaging for imported goods;
– Name, type, and quantity of raw materials and ratio of the ingredients;
– Side effects, allergy alert and/or warning; and
– Any other facts required by relevant government departments.

Requirements (2) and (7) must be displayed in Myanmar language and can be displayed jointly with one or more languages.
There is a one-year grace period to fulfill this last requirement.

đź”·Guarantees relating to goods and services

-Information on the acceptable, correct, and useable qualities of the product.
-Natural transformation of goods
– Safety and product labels
– Spare parts; and the repair and exchange of goods.

đź”·Entrepreneur must provide the agreed-upon service value to the customer and complete the service within the guarantee period.

đź”·Consumer Claims
Consumers now have the right to claim for exchange, refund, and compensation for damages.

🔷Who’s Responsible
If the product is damaged or damage was caused by the product of service during guarantee period, the distributor, manufacturer, and trademark owner, and service provider will be liable.

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