A light breeze is blowing over the silvery sandy beaches. The trees are gently swaying in the breeze like beautiful girls dancing, the surf making a loud roaring sound when crashing on the shore.Searching out their food, the seagulls are swooping low, untroubled by the waves. The sun is about […]

Grammar is the heart of every language. Without having much knowledge about grammar, how can we master a language? How can we cope with reading, writing, listening and speaking lessons? That is why we take time to study the grammar of a specific language we want to be proficient in. […]

You could lead your lifeBecause you were brought up By your father. Do not blame your father.You could speak wordsBecause you were taught By your mother. Do not speak to your motherIn return. You could be educatedBecause you were taughtBy your teacher. Do not be ungratefulTo your teacher. You have […]

Look at the text in the question. What does it say? ⏯Example: Special one-day drama class this Saturday. Price- £50 pee person. Anyone who attends will be able to book our new six-week course at a discount. A. The six-week course is cheaper if you also do the one-day class. […]

Write about the following topic: In order to solve traffic problems, governments should tax private car owners heavily and use the money to improve public transportation. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience […]

  Globalization is the spreading of anything worldwide. However, generally it is the process of globalizing products, businesses, technologies, philosophies, etc all through the world. It is the creation of a successful interconnected marketplace without any limitation of time zone and national boundaries. The most common and clear example of […]

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