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Our company is now hiring customer service position for only 10 applicants . So hurry & grab the chance now !!!

Job Vacancy – Malaysia
Our company is now hiring customer service position for only 10 applicants . So hurry & grab the chance now !!!
❗️❗️Direct Hiring From Company ( International company , multicultural )
🔴Serious Burmese applicants ( Myanmar candidates only)
Salary – 4000-5000 Rm ( Including Allowance)
( Around 14 lakh – 16 lakh )
☑️ Position – customer service advisor

Fresh graduate , we’re welcome & then will provide 2 weeks training.
✔️ Requirement –
❗️University Degree Holder ( Diploma, Degree )
❗️English speaking Intermediate / Fluent )
❗️Shift work – Night / Day ( Transport provide for night shift)
We’ll provide
✔️professional work visa
✔️Medical check up
✔️Medical insurance
✔️One way flight ticket to Malaysia
✔️One week Accomondation in hotel
Pm for more details or whatsapp/ viber at +6581101143
Comments will not be entertained.
If you want to interest , please send your CV’s to
☑️ ayamar.1991@gmail.com ☑️

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As of August 15, 2019, the Myanmar government enacted the new consumer protection law which will bring a lot of clarity to previously unclear laws. Giving consumers more rights and making clear what’s expected of business owners. The new label law (where all products have to have labels in Burmese) will come into effect later this year.

Here are the most notable changes to the law:

🔷Label Requirements

– Trademark
– Generic Name of goods, size, net weight, quantity, storage instructions, and directions for use;
– Manufacturing date, expiration date, and batch number;
– If the goods are imported, name and address of the importer and manufacturer;
– Place of production, and place of repackaging for imported goods;
– Name, type, and quantity of raw materials and ratio of the ingredients;
– Side effects, allergy alert and/or warning; and
– Any other facts required by relevant government departments.

Requirements (2) and (7) must be displayed in Myanmar language and can be displayed jointly with one or more languages.
There is a one-year grace period to fulfill this last requirement.

🔷Guarantees relating to goods and services

-Information on the acceptable, correct, and useable qualities of the product.
-Natural transformation of goods
– Safety and product labels
– Spare parts; and the repair and exchange of goods.

🔷Entrepreneur must provide the agreed-upon service value to the customer and complete the service within the guarantee period.

🔷Consumer Claims
Consumers now have the right to claim for exchange, refund, and compensation for damages.

🔷Who’s Responsible
If the product is damaged or damage was caused by the product of service during guarantee period, the distributor, manufacturer, and trademark owner, and service provider will be liable.

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PSG is offered for sale to Real Madrid

During the transfer the name of PSG about a deeper unexpected news emerged. Real Madrid are two conditions to issue and sell to the French club’s offer came, he reports.

The Spanish club were close to signing him, but the player’s injury situation might have been reduced because of good conduct review.

Although Barcelona failed United teammates MSi influence of France moved to the top world copper and oil. But PSG team’s young star in Anbar, because there are just behind Premier League keen to return.

PSG Barcelona because of the strained relations Card Iceland fairly low percentage of a plan to return to the ground.

LSE Myanmar Pre Thingyan Festival

Pre Thingyan Festival was celebrated at Let’s Speak English – Myanmar Training Center.

All the trainers, YLE students and invitees attended this Myanmar Culture Water Splashing Festival and enjoyed exciting games and programmes such as making craft, participating in the Myanmar traditional female group dance called “Yein”, making Myanmar iconic snack “Mone Lone Yay Paw” and a great number of exciting programmes.

💦Main Objective
The main objective of organising this glorious event is to let all the students and participants experience and celebrate and respect the local culture, strengthen their morality and realise the need of teamwork and how important it is that it takes a crucial role in life.

💦How the event was celebrated

💧Myanmar Traditional Snacks & Dance

One of Myanmar traditional foods which is called “Kyar San Chat”, a kind of soup was served while YLE female students were performing “Yein Dance” and others were having fun making “Mone Lone Yay Paw”.

💧Arts & Crafts

Concurrently, some students were enjoying making their own craft to express how well they had understood about the lessons which was followed by a storytelling section designed to focus on the “Morality” and “rules of behaviour” in life.

In short, LSE Myanmar has been thriving on the need of the education and realises that only “education” can transform society – from society to a nation and from a nation to the world.”

We would like to express our words of appreciation for your loyalty and continuous support.

We’ll keep going and always try to make a difference to our country.

Latt Latt Su Hlaing
CEO & Principal
Let’s Speak English – Myanmar
350, 4th Floor, Ba Nyar Dala Road, Tamwe, Kyauk Myaung, Yangon

Contact: 09965411220

Alight at Thida bus stop and walk to LSE (located at the junction of 149th street and Banayar Dala Road)

(2) sexual abuse of women and been open Actor Kang Ji Hwan By Rankistcxit 

The 42-year-old actor Kang Ji Hwan last July 9 at Gwangju press release from the police station, according to colleagues had been physically assaulted two women. Actor Kang Ji Hwan is a single potent and well-known television actor. Kang Ji Hwan was how the two women abuse treatment if its love.

A and B, on 9 July, two female actor Kang Ji Hwan and drinks with alcohol. A rape and B’s body touched. Two of the A and B at the time of one of Seoul has sent the following message a friend.

“We Kang Ji Hwan’s own trap is now gone for a drink at home,” the letter was sent. The message was reported to the police station and the present, Kang Ji Hwan, police detained at hand.

Kang Ji Hwan police station except others no longer recognize it. The case actually assaulting plot would continue to be monitored.