As of August 15, 2019, the Myanmar government enacted the new consumer protection law which will bring a lot of clarity to previously unclear laws. Giving consumers more rights and making clear what’s expected of business owners. The new label law (where all products have to have labels in Burmese) […]

When the Paris Industrial Promotion Society asked Maria to research the performance of steel magnet, She was very happy because she wanted to continue her studies in Paris. But her laboratory was so small that she agonized over it. Just then, Professor Kobalsky, a Poilsh physicist, introduced Pierre Curie to […]

Sparks fly was the word . Sparks fly, meaning not very pure spark up kids See someone familiar feel In fact we are excited to continue to use this Phrase In Easy him entirely out of porcelain gratefuleg. Sparks flew when I first met my husband.Actually, this is a fight […]

If you’ve picked up this book, chances are you’ve wanted to speak English for a while. Maybe you’ve even taken classes. You probably need English to improve your career. Maybe you want to travel internationally or study abroad. You know that English is the key to international business and international […]

  He has good command of English. He was not able to clear the IELTS test. (Although he has good command of English, he was not able to clear the IELTS test). Jane is a good player. She was not selected in her college volleyball team. (Although Jane is a […]

There are four skills in a language. They are listening skill, speaking skill, reading skill and writing skill. Among these skills, I consider reading skill to be very important for everyone of this information and technology age. Actually, reading is the gateway to the treasurehouse of knowledge and wisdom. It […]